Don´t you just miss the old days?

I grew up around old cars and new computers! That´s a good way to summarize me growing up in Alabama. I guess its kind of unusual coming from my part of town but im so glad i did.

My dad is a old mechanic that loves playing around with old fords and dodges! i dont know how many hours I’ve seen him spend working and screaming at old cars, but the joy of him seeing finish a project up cant be beat!

My self i spend most of my time trying to get away with playing videogames and on the computer as much as possible. My favorite game as a kid must have been diablo2, esecially with the lod expansion. that was a real turning point for me as a got a really good rune drop my first time.

For me it resulted in a enigma and a teleporting paladin. BAD ASS i can tell you that much. I dont know if there are any servers left now days. guess most of em got pulled when they dropped the 3rd instance of diablo.

That game can go to hell though. it was soooooooo baaaaaad.